'DieselCure' is a new product carries all the advantages and chemistry of FuelRight but with some added advantages. I have included the performace of the tablets and incorperated this into the liquid products that I've been selling for many years. that specifically treats fuel for dieselbug as well as enhancing performance. DieselCure 20K is a treatment to prevent the formation of dieselbug in your fuel tanks. It must be used every time you fill your tanks in order for you to have the assurance that you will not get dieselbug. If you accidently pick up bad fuel, it will start to dissolve the biomass and prevent the formation of a bug colony and you will see the evidence in your filters and traps.


In addition to dieselbug control, it also contains enhancement chemicals for the performance of your diesel fuel. I have also added the active chemicals from my tablets into the DieselCure liquid.


Over time, it will:


  • Improves your fuel economy
  • Improve your engine performance
  • Clean your injectors
  • Reduce your exhaust smoke
  • Stops corrosion in your tank and fuel system
  • Pushes water out to be caught in filter traps
  • 100 mls treats 2000 litres of fuel
  • 1L treats 20,000 litres of diesel fuel


  • AOWBS - 2 x FuelRight 15K Non-Biocide Diesel Bug Treatment 100ml (Treats 3000 litres)

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