Fuel360 is a New Zealand made product formulated to save you money on fuel and maintenance costs.

  • It helps your engine achieve a more complete combustion
  • It cleans out your fuel injectors and engine (and keeps it clean with regular use)
  • It improves fuel economy
  • It lowers your CO2 emissions

It's easy to use, just drop a tablet into your tank.

Each tube contains 10 tablets. One tablet will treat 60 litres of Petrol. One tube will treat 600 litres of fuel. Three tubes treat 1,800 litres.

Ideal for any vehicle or equipment.


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CAUTION: Do not overdose petrol. Each tablet treats 60 litres of fuel. You can break the tablets into half or quarters. Each quarter is 15 litres of treatment. Half a tablet is 30 litres of treatment. It is our recommendation that you underdose rather than overdose your fuel.

3 Pack Petrol 60 Litre Tablets with Octane Booster, Treats 1,800 litres

$87.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • Each tube contains 10 tablets. 1 x tablet will treat 60 litres of petrol. Each tube treats 600 litres of fuel.  Please stick to the recommended dose of 60 litres per tablet. Each tablet can be broken into half or quarters. Half a tablet treats 30 litres, a quarter of a tablet treats 15 litres. Three tubes will treat 1,800 litres of petrol

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