3 Petrol Tubes. Treats 1800 litres!

Three Pack Petrol with Octane Booster

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  • Fuel360 is a New Zealand made product formulated to save you money on fuel and maintenance costs.

    • It helps your engine achieve a more complete combustion
    • It cleans out your fuel injectors and engine (and keeps it clean with regular use)
    • It improves fuel economy
    • It lowers your CO2 emissions

    It's easy to use, just pop a tablet into your tank.

    Each tube contains 10 tablets. One tablet will treat 60 litres. One tube will treat 600 litres of fuel.



    •  Ideal for any petrol vehicle or equipment.
    •  Petrol tablets are an octane boost combustion catalyst
    • CAUTION: Do not overdose petrol. Each tablet treats 60 litres of fuel. You can break the tablets into half or quarters. Each quarter is 15 litres of treatment. Half a tablet is 30 litres of treatment. It is our recommendation that you underdose rather than overdose your fuel.

  • Free Shipping throughout New Zealand but RD incures an additional charge


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