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Your choice of professional Treatment Solutions

Diesel Clean specialise in the remediation of contaminated diesel. We have over 10 years of experience sorting out contamination issues in diesel. We work on everything from standby generator storage tanks to Super Yachts. This will ensure that your fuel stocks remain in A grade condition at all times.

Used by many commercial shipping operations, generators, recreational vessels, heavy earthmoving equipment and yard tanks.
Not all treatments are equal.
Choose the best with confidence.

Tablet format treatment, clean and easy to dispense, suitable for all engine types, petrol or diesel, car, SUV, outboard, jetski, chainsaw and lawnmower.
Clean the upper cylinders, injectors and refresh your fuel. Get more power and economy.


More than 90% of engine issues are fuel related, and of these most relate to contamination or fuel hygiene issues. Alleviate most of this with a periodic and regular treatment.
Pacific Fuel brings you FuelRight, the professionals choice for a complete fuel treatment regime.

‘Not all treatments are created equal. That’s why FuelRight is used in so many commercial shipping operations. They Know. And now, so do you.
Reduce your filter costs,
reducedown time, run smart.’

FuelRight established more than 20 years ago in USA, developed originally for the US and Canadian home heating market, is now being used by commercial operations in over 26 countries.
Operations from commercial drilling rigs
tosmallerback up generators to large offshore tug vessels, recreational launches to heavy earthmoving equipment, areas where failure to run properly is not an option.




FuelRight ex USA and Canada is the professional’s choice of complete end to end treatment.
For true peace of mind and longer engine life, you can only rely on FuelRight.

3.5+ billion liters

treated per year


ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel) combined with the higher compression modern diesel engine design dictates that fuel cleanliness is now far more important than the old ‘she’ll be right attitude’.


We have reams of technical information which could fit here but would likely bore you to sleep!

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25 years


27 countries



FuelRight New Zealand issues 4 newsletters per year, covering product development, new services offered and interesting case studies where FuelRight is being used, such as the superyacht, Senses.
Special promotional offers for you will also be showcased.

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