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Fuel360 - the complete tablet form fuel treatment.

For both Petrol and diesel, Fuel360 fuel tablets are a convenient and east to use fuel treatment suitable for all engines, from the chainsaw and Mum’s SUV, to the outboard and Dad’s ute.

Made in New Zealand, their has been tremendous R&D on these tablets to improve vehicle performance while balancing emissions and smoke reduction, still with the ultimate goal to improve economy. It really works.


Fuel360 tablet compounds include a surfactant which reduces the surface tension of the fuel droplets allowing a more even spray pattern, thereby assisting a  complete burn, all the while cleaning the injectors and improving economy.



  • Improves economy

  • Improves engine performance

  • Cleans injectors

  • Reduces exhaust smoke

  • Stabilises fuel (petrol and diesel)

Suitable for:

  • Petrol and diesel cars

  • Small engines

  • High performance engines

  • Heavy diesel

  • Outboards

In diesel, the tablets incorporate a diesel bug treatment and added lubrication, while causing water to be pushed out and caught in filters.


Like most situations, don’t underestimate the importance of filtration. This is your first line of defence against biological contamination , water and particulates.

Money back guarantee.

Generators benefit from Clean Diesel
Diesel tanks ski fields
Heavy Machinery Front Loader
Fuel tanks can get diesel bug. FuelRight cures and cleans from the inside out.
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