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Product - Fuel Right - Complete Diesel Fuel System Treatment.

FuelRight out of USA and Canada is a diesel bug treatment and fuel system treatment including cold start.

This really is a totally new way to treat fuel, for bug, contaminants and water, plus conditioning. It is NOT another ’ me too’ diesel bug treatment based on detergent function, and is an environmentally friendly non-biocide. Developed over the last 20 years, it is truly a revolution in the managing of diesel bug and other fuel related issues especially with common rail diesels and the advent of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

FuelRight involves complex Amine chemistry which among other functions, is extremely effective in breaking down sludge in fuel and preventing recurrence. Amines in effect ‘melt’ the polysaccharides or binding agents holding bacterial sludge together, thereby releasing the bacteria into the fuel allowing them to be caught in the filters or be safely burnt away. No other fuel treatment we know of does this.

Amines naturally clean and lubricate the injectors ensuring proper atomization of fuel, and a more complete combustion, thereby improving economy, smoother running and reducing smoke and emissions.

Diesel bug, even in a mild form, produces sulphuric acid which causes corrosion in all metal fuel tanks, including stainless, and the fuel system itself. FuelRight not only inhibits the acid production but also coats steel surfaces in your system, protecting them against corrosion from the combined effects of moisture and contamination.

As a professional grade product, used as the base treatment for commercial fuel polishing services, FuelRight is extremely concentrated, coming in either 1:15,000 or 1:30,000.
Customers in New Zealand include the likes of KiwiRail, Vodafone, Auckland Regional Facilites, hospitals, Auckland Uni plus many private launches. There is much more this product will help with in all situations where diesel is used.

Generators benefit from Clean Diesel
Diesel tanks ski fields
Heavy Machinery Front Loader
Fuel tanks can get diesel bug. FuelRight cures and cleans from the inside out.
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