About Fuel360

Fuel360 Ltd is a small innovative Kiwi company located in Auckland, New Zealand.


Founded in 2005, Fuel360 Ltd was originally established to promote range of fuel treatments to help reduce emissions.  We are now focused on helping resolve dirty fuel related issues from private vehicles to fleet applications. We manufacture equipment designed to clean out the fuel systems of diesel engines.

Our team at Fuel360 Ltd work on consistently optimizing power and performance of engines while substantially reducing the carbon emissions generated

Our Services And Products

Clean and convenient tablet format treatment for petrol & diesel fuel. Suitable for all engine types.
Professional grade diesel bug and fuel system cleaning solution. Dissolve sludge and push water OUT. 
Diesel Clean
Is an onsite mobile fuel service for all types of storage from generators to heavy equipment.
Pacific Fuel
Pacific Fuel provide an end to end polishing solution for all diesel storage situations.
Filter BOSS
Filter BOSS is a range of filter systems specifically designed for small spaces and accurate polishing results.
Meet The Team





I joined Fuel360 Ltd in 2009 and acquired the company in 2018. I am currently the sole operator with only a few agents based around New Zealand. My background and qualifications are in engineering and I work for a company as well as run Fuel360. I live a quiet life with my wonderful and beautiful wife and enjoy living in the best country in the world, New Zealand.


My main interests and practices are engineering and design as well as running this business. 

I started my working life in electronics engineering and then television production plus advertising and marketing.

I have business interests across several sectors from online retail to marine engineering and fuel treatment processes.

Am on the board of Motorsport in NZ and am current President of the Castrol BMW Race Series. I love to spend the day racing my BMW around Hampton Downs.


Address: 23A Kyle Road, Greenhithe,

Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Call now: 0508 000 360

Email: sales@fuel360.co.nz

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