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Services - Fuel Polishing

Pacific Fuel provide a comprehensive end-to-end polishing solution for all diesel storage situations.

Be it a fuel tank in a small yacht to multiple tanks in a superyacht, from generator tanks at the hospital to diesel storage up on the ski field, anywhere in New Zealand or the wider Pacific Region, we can help.

There is rarely an off the shelf solution for everything but the fundamentals remain the same.

If you believe or know that there is an issue with your diesel, the first steps would be to determine or test what the problems are and then agree on a course of action to resolve the current situation and how to prevent this reoccuring.

Pacific Fuel Polishing offer a mobile testing and cleaning service in conjunction with Fuel360 and Diesel Clean. Diesel Clean are Tier 1 Maritime Certified, Site Safe and Impac certified. Prevention is ALWAYS the cheapest option.

Depending on the capacity and location of the tanks in question, plus the volume of fuel used and how frequently, treatment solutions will vary.

They start with simple treatment, leading all the way to custom fuel polishing units mounted on or near the tanks on question.

Yachts benefit from Clean Diesel
Diesel tanks ski fields
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