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Our customers tell us what works for them.

Fuel360 customers are happy to acknowledge the benefits and savings of each product. We encourage everyone's feedback and dialogue about fuel related issues because that's what we strive to help with every day.

July 04, 2017

Auckland Sea Shuttles use Fuel360 with solid success

I started using Fuel Right in my commercial vessel a couple of years ago. I instantly noticed my engine sounded much smoother and had less emissions upon start up. I also had more power and my fuel burn went from 22 litres a hour to 17 litres per hour at the same speed and rev range. After that I used it on every fuel up and i'm sure it saved me lots of dollars and my motor was happier for it. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody with a diesel motor it proved itself to me over time and now I use it in my truck as well. Give it a go i'm sure you will notice the difference.


Steve owner operator Auckland Sea Shuttles

Fishing for lobster with less fuel cost.

September 26, 2016

To Whom it may concern,

We have used Fuel 360 in both our Diesel Vehicles and our Rock Lobster Fishing Vessel FV Magic using 2 x 300HP 4 Stroke petrol Outboard Engines. For a period of 3 months thus far, and intend to continue use them.


There is a noticeable savings of fuel and also a smooth power increase of both fuel types using the specific purpose fuel pill additives.


Overall they appear to pay their way just on fuel savings with the bonus of also a smoothing power increase.



Dennis Burkhart

Fishing Vessel FV Magic

20 year old buses but now with more zip...

August 31, 2016

Hi Phil,

I thought I would drop you a note on what we think of your diesel pills. I run 2 Nissan Civilian Buses over 20 years of age and find that there is less black smoke emissions and seems to be more zip in the old girls without any increase if fuel consumption. Love the product, also importantly, the price.

Check our website for a photograph of both buses.  


Best Regards

Barry Dye

Mobile Hearing and Health

0274 752 516

In simple terms using Fuel360 has resulted in a 10% increase in fuel efficiency for us.

March 20, 2014

We have been using Fuel360 in our delivery vehicle which is a 2005 petrol Nissan Vanette. The van is an import that we have since learned is quite low geared, i.e. set up as an urban delivery van that is unlikely to exceed about 70 Kph. In hindsight had we know that we may not have purchased that particular van. Due to being located in Pukekohe about 50% of my time spent doing deliveries and commuting requires open road driving, which results in the van revving higher than you would normally expect at 100kph.

As a result of this we were only getting 330-350 Km from a tank of gas. After using the Fuel360 product that range has increased to between 380-390 Km, occasionally hitting 400 Km. I have kept a close eye on the range and have also experimented by not using the additive for several weeks, at which point the range went back to the original lower distance. Since starting on the treatment again I have been monitoring the range and again it has come back up. In simple terms using Fuel360 has resulted in a 10% increase in fuel efficiency for us.


I tow a 5th wheel caravan and don't change gear as often on the hills between Whangarei and Auckland.

April 13, 2015

After using Fuel360 Tabs for several years in my 1995 2.8 Litre Toyota Hi-ace truck. I filled up on Saturday and popped one in the tank and was amazed at how the truck performed. I also tow a 5th wheel caravan and find I don't change gear as often on the hills between Whangarei and Auckland.

Regards, Neil Mc Caw, Whangarei

Seriously, give it a go.

April 12, 2016

To whom it may concern

My Nissan Regulus 3.2 diesel started showing an engine warning light. Paul’s Auto Workshop idenfied it as an Injector Bypass problem, costing $4-5k to fix.

I spoke with Phil at Fuel360 and then tried some of their diesel treatment tabs. After 2 tanks of fuel the light went off. I have done 8000k since, using the tabs, and the engine warning light hasn’t come back, plus the car is running stronger than ever.

Seriously, give it a go.

Gordon Browne

We did more and more recording and am surprised our economy went up and up.

October 04, 2015

Hi Phil,

Just recently we purchased an import Mazda Demio. I started recording the fuel consumption and found it was 14Km per litre. I then did further testing with the Fuel360 and found it was doing 14.5kms per litre.

We did more and more recording and am surprised it went up to around 16kms per litre of fuel. Two months later it is now doing 18kms per litre. I would recommend using Fuel360 for more power and better fuel consumption. I would recommend using it in any vehicle.

Your respectfully

Bob Clarkson

Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium reduce the environmental impact of their business

March 04, 2014

Running New Zealand’s largest aquarium and caring for a wide range of marine and bird life, we work every angle to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Part of that naturally includes the management of our transport resources. Consequently our fleet of vehicles are treated using Fuel360™ fuel conditioner, reducing their emissions substantially and improving their economy. A win win for us all.

Our Transit shuttle has reduced its harmful emissions by 73% between 2010 and 2012. The latest test has seen a further reduction of 14%. Now this vehicle is meeting a Euro 4 emission standard yet the manufacturer states this is a Euro 3 vehicle. We have no hesitation in recommending that you try the Fuel360 product as it has made a significant impact on improving the emissions of both our petrol and diesel vehicles.”


Phil McGowan | General Manager Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium Website:

I have never written a testimonial before as I have.....

January 31, 2016

I have never written a testimonial before as I have not felt I have come across and product worthy until now. We have just been away again in our 9 metre diesel motorhome. We have been using the Fuel 360 pills for about 18 months now and it just amazing how well the bus runs. The motor sounds and runs so much quieter and smoother than before, it just purrs along.

We have more power going up hills. But the best thing is the fuel economy, we go further for less money and that’s no exaggeration. Before using the product we were traveling 3 km per 1 litre of fuel and now since using the product we have checked on two occasions. One was 5 km per 1 litre of fuel and the other was 5.3 km per 1 litre of fuel. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product.”

L Shaw

The car runs smoother and quieter and can muster up a lot more power when needed.

April 07, 2015


Just a note to tell you we really like your product “Fuel 360”, we have been using it for about 3-4 months now on two vehicles, an 8 metre Sunliner motorhome on an “Iveco” 3L Turbo (4500kg) 50,000km and 5yrs old that has plenty of power, but now runs smoother and quieter, with a bit more grunt, even the diesel heater runs smoother and quieter.

The Iveco has a tiptronic gearbox and is left in auto most of the time and can maintain high speeds on hill’s, clean burning with no sooty exhaust pipe. We also own a Mitsubishi ASX. 2L auto, which has always been under powered on the hills with a load, since using the Fuel360 pills, it has been like a turbo booster on this car, with little acceleration the car runs smoother and quieter and can muster up a lot more power when needed. I have never checked on fuel per litre, however I’m pretty sure I’m getting more kms per litre.

Thank you for your product”


R Wall

Diggers, Dozers and Heavy Trucks, including CAT, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hino and Scania.

September 17, 2015

In our fleet we run a mix of vehicles and equipment involving Diggers, Dozers and Heavy Trucks, including CAT, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hino and Scania. Being an A Grade Mechanic, I am hot on good servicing regimes to keep my fleet running. For our Euro 4 Vehicles we run our Oil Servicing every 250hrs, as they run dirtier than the other engines and contaminate the oil. For our other vehicles we operate a 500hr Oil Service.

Since using the Lower Emissions fuel conditioner my operators have noticed that the vehicles and machines are operating a lot better – smoother and cleaner. In addition I have been able to change my oil service for the Euro 4 engines from 250hrs to 500hrs. I am very impressed by the results of the product and would recommend it to others who wish to improve the performance of their fleets, or just keep them in good working order.


— M Philips (Heavy Machinery Contractor) – Taranaki

This product is ideal as a fuel stabiliser for boats that are stored for the off season.

December 23, 2015

As proprietor of Pauanui Service Centre I am always looking for ways to benefit my clients. A friend mentioned Fuel 360TM fuel conditioner to me. Having been exposed to a range of products before, I decided to trial it on our workshop Tow Truck.


The results have been impressive:

  • there has been a noticeable increase in power when under load

  • I have been getting another 100KMs per tank, and

  • It is running a lot cleaner - the tailpipe smoke has dropped by around 75%

We have also trialled it on a variety of marine applications, with great results in 2 & 4 stroke engines, petrol and diesel - emissions are down and efficiency is up, the same as in the tow truck. Also this product is ideal as a fuel stabiliser for boats that are stored for the off season. Pauanui Service Centre recommends this product and if you wish to give us a call I will gladly back up this testimonial.

— James Rolton - Pauanui Service Centre 07 864 7130

The Daihatsu Delta motor home starts easier, has very little smoke and pulls and climbs hills better.

June 01, 2015

We have a Daihatsu Delta motor home and we decided to try the Fuel 360 fuel treatment. We used to use ¾ of a tank of diesel between Timaru and Christchurch. Since using Fuel360, we only use ½ a tank for the same distance. The Delta starts easier, very little smoke and pulls and climbs hills better.


We have also a Toyota Townace and since using the Fuel360 is now doing approx 180 kilometers on $20 of diesel. I personally recommend this tablet to anyone looking for and wanting a better performance for their vehicle.”


— Bob Clarkson {Motor Home Owner} - NZMCA Member

We are now going to use this in all our fleet as this is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

February 16, 2016

I am an engineer who now operates the family transportation business. Initially I was skeptical about the figures being promoted by Lower Emissions. However, keen to save fuel and reduce our emissions we had a great opportunity to trial a coach that was completing a daily service run for eight weeks. This coach had been serviced with injectors and fuel pump being recently overhauled. The coach operated continuously for on the same job. Of the 4 drivers on the Hino coach (CN275) none were told about the trial except that it was to reduce emissions (we wanted the drivers to just drive as per normal and allow us to see the true results).

During the eight weeks the following was achieved:

1. The coach is now using 9-12% less fuel

2. Every driver commented on how much better the coach was going.

After this trial we were convinced that this was the right thing to do and have since trialed it in another Volvo B12 coach which is now achieving 11.9% fuel reduction. Also this coach is visually not emitting as much smoke.

We are very pleased with using the Lower Emissions product FUEL360 and would recommend this product to anyone. We are now going to use this in all our fleet as this is the environmentally responsible thing to do, as well as the benefits of reduced fuel consumption.”


— Blair Withers {Bus and Coach Operator} - Taranaki

33% drop in Bus tailpipe emissions recorded.

March 03, 2015

“Kiwi Coach Charters run a fleet of buses (15) used mainly in the school transfer and daily hire sectors. In July of this year (2012) I was approached by Lower Emissions Ltd, a New Zealand company specialising in fuel integrity and fleet efficiency, and in reducing the environmental impact of transport fleets. Lower Emissions Ltd carried out a FUEL360 Fuel System service on one of our buses, in conjunction with a tank flush.

This process removed a substantial amount of black liquid from the fuel lines and upper cylinders, and after the process the fuel was treated with FUEL360 fuel conditioner. The bus was emissions tested prior to treatment, and after, with a 33% drop in tailpipe emissions recorded. We have since treated our bulk tank with the fuel conditioner. Such was the improvement in performance and reduction of smoke evident in the treated bus, we have continued treating the bulk tank. If we have a badly smoking bus in the future we will have no hesitation in having Lower Emissions doing a FUEL360 Fuel System Service on it. We also have no hesitation in recommending the use of FUEL360 products and services to any fleet operator who wishes to increase efficiency and reduce the impact of their vehicles. If you have any further questions pertaining to the above please do not hesitate to contact me.”


— Calvin West {Bus and Coach Operator} - Manager Kiwi Coach Charters, Auckland

I occasionally need to ‘increase the rpm’ a little

February 17, 2014

“I have 2 cars – a 1999 Honda Orthia and a 2006 Nissan Skyline, quite a contrast! I use the Honda to go to work and the Nissan for weekend ‘fun’ driving.

Since using Fuel360, I get more trips to work out of the Honda and it is quieter. Based on the increase in the number of trips, the increase in fuel economy is around 8%. Although I don’t travel many kilometres in the Nissan, I have found it to be relatively economic for a 3500cc car as I fill the tank only every 6 weeks. Although I do my best to drive under the speed limit I occasionally need to ‘increase the rpm’ a little. I have yet to put my foot flat as it is very quick to respond. It performs very well, is quiet and economic for a 3500cc car, all of which I attribute to using Fuel 360.”


— 18 February 2014 - T Clement - North Shore

Bus performs admirably with tablets

February 21, 2014

“I have a bus, 12ton all up weight, with a framed car over 13ton. Since using Fuel 360, on start up from cold I’ve noticed that less smoke is produced. Once warm and on road, much less smoke is showing from exhaust on hills, as well as a gear up. This can be 2nd gear, 20kph to 3rd at 40-45kph or from 3rd to 4th and 60-70kph.

With only about 230hp and 13ton plus, the bus tends to be rather leisurely, so any extra performance is a bonus. Fuel consumption is around 3.5k per litre. ”

D Coutts - Burnham

On oil change, the oil is noticeably cleaner, not the really heavy black that I’ve been used to.

February 22, 2014

“I have been running a 3 litre turbo direct injection diesel Izusu Bighorn, towing a 2.5 tonne caravan. Since using the tabs for about 2yrs now I will continue to use them as the promised benefits are certainly borne out by my experience. As the Izusu was working quite hard pulling the caravan, the increase in power was very noticeable as was the fuel economy. Also noticeable was when hooking up the Caravan, the exhaust fumes were much cleaner. On oil change, the oil is noticeably cleaner, not the really heavy black that I’ve been used to. As previously stated, I will certainly continue to use this product.”


B Nash - Papakura

June 01, 2015

We use FR on a regular basis as the main purpose to help control the bacteria and growth problem we have in fuel tanks on board. Our customers have given us positive reports. They have even noticed a difference in fuel economy and cleaner emissions ( no more smoke residue on the back transom ). This has been an added bonus of using the product.

The cleaner the combustion is on an engine the better it is going to run. Any gumming of the inside of an engine is going to cause valves not to seat properly and cause lack of compression in severe cases.

As for issues from engine distributors. We have never had a case or inquiry concerning the use of the product. We have a large issue with moisture getting into tanks here and I know other dealers and owners would agree that keeping their brand new engines fuel system clean from the start is the best option for the serviceability of their purchase

Rowan Horch, Aquadisiac Marine Services

Achieving the specified ISO Standard has now become much easier with the use of Fuel Right.

June 06, 2016

I am writing this letter as an update to our use of Fuel Right in diesel fuel tanks we have maintained over the last 2 years. 

As you know, we have changed our testing methods to now include ISO standards based on the Worldwide Fuel Charter. The standard for all Tier engines 1 - 4 is now 18/16/13 ISO Standard for particulate and less than 200 ppm of water.

We were having a difficulty achieving those standards until we began the use of Fuel Right as a pre-treatment before the polishing process. We now pre-treat all tanks before we polish the fuel. Achieving the specified ISO Standard has now become much easier with the use of Fuel Right. Our customers include critical data centers run by Cisco Systems, Bank of Montreal, Revenue Canada, Canada Customs and Border Agency, Toronto Dominion Bank and Ontario Lottery and Gaming. All of these centers run diesel back up power that includes engines above 2 megawatts of power that must receive clean fuel to perform at peak efficiently and minimize any down time. They insist on fuel that meets ISO 18/16/13 standards. We have been able to meet these needs 100% of the time.

We have been involved in the preparations of the PAN-AM Games taking place in Toronto this coming July. Sites that are deemed critical include Bridgepoint Health Hospital and Sunnybrooke Hospital. Bridgepoint has a total of 130,000 liters of fuel that we are in thje process of cleaning now.The fuel had a high concentration of water (335 PPM) that was emulsified in the fuel. We added Fuel right to the tanks prior to polishing as per your instructions. The fuel reacted very positively to the Fuel Right. The emulsified water migrated to the bottom of the tank for easy removal. We tested the fuel today for moisture content and we were well below the 200 PPM threshold.

We are using the Fuel Right with complete confidence on all fuel polishing projects and are very pleased with the results.

Sincerely, Dan Weeden, Weeden Clean Fuels

Mandy from Samoa makes her Cefiro purr

September 13, 2015

I'm the person who phoned you today re taking Fuel 360 to Samoa.
I forgot to say how much my husband and I enjoy using this great product. We have been using it in our old vehicles here in Manukau since April 2015, (a 1992 Nissan Cefiro and a 1994 Toyota Van) and have seen a great improvement in their performances with improved acceleration and much better fuel economy.
When we went to Samoa (Apia) on 10th June for 6 weeks we shipped up a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4L petrol SR 5 which we had bought here in Auckland for our personal use up there, (we own a house in Apia). Every time my husband filled the Ute with petrol and put the pill in the tank the petrol station attendants (at the petrol station near Apia Park) were fascinated and our Ute quickly became a topic of conversation! Unfortunately we are not able to live in Apia all year round so the Ute is now parked up in our carport at our house but we can't wait to get back to the beautiful island with it's warm weather all year round! Thanks.

Mandy Leutele

September 14th  2015

Land Rover Discovery 3 benefits dramatically

June 30, 2016

I have a Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 2005 with 180,000kms. The engine was running rough at idle and I spoke with Phil about my issue. He suggested I use the Fuel 360 Diesel fuel tabs and was convinced these could help my issue with a few treatments. With the first tank full of adding the Diesel tabs there was a noticeable difference with a smoother idle (especially when cold) and an increase in power, particularly low down power. I felt I didn’t have to put my foot down on the accelerator as much as I had previously, especially when overtaking on the open road and improved acceleration from a standing start when taking off from traffic lights.


I have now treated the fuel system with 6 x tablets over 5 x tank fill ups. The cold engine rough idling has now gone completely. The power difference and smoothness of torque is noticeable throughout the entire engine range. However the biggest surprise has been the last two tank fills have returned 800km per tank. I was previously returning 725-735km per tank. I would recommend Fuel 360 diesel tabs to anyone and only wish I had started to the use the product earlier.


Grant Hall

Fuel 360 Race Formula - increase in throttle response and overall performance.

November 23, 2015

I own a BMW 540 which I have been running Fuel 360 in for the past 10 months,  recently Alan (the Northland agent) introduced me to Fuel 360 Race Formula. Since using the race formula I have noticed a definite increase in throttle response and overall performance. I was already getting the benefits of using Fuel 360 as far as economy was concerned and am still getting the same mileage with the race Formula.

I highly recommend his product to anyone wanting a little extra performance for a very small price

Stephen Clarke

I was pleasantly surprised to see the fuel economy lift to 5 to 5.1 kms/litre

September 15, 2015

Hello Andrew
My wife and I travelled around the North Island recently effectively going up one coast and down the other over all types of terrain. Prior to embarking on our journey we had been monitoring our fuel usage in our 9m Mitsubishi Motor home 176hp we were regularly getting 4.5kms/ litre. One of our staff at work had some Fuel360 Tabs Lower Emissions Fuel Conditioner which I purchased off him to try, I have always been skeptical of additives so I did not expect any miracles.


I was pleasantly surprised to see the fuel economy lift to 5 to 5.1 kms/litre and up a gear on the hills. Also it stopped smoking. I recommend this product to anyone wanting better economy and a better performing engine.


The cost of the tablets was offset by the vouchers we received at the supermarket and the fuel savings.... so zero cost.

Peter Hartshorne

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