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Quick, Easy and Efficient

FUEL360 Tablets are made to help you save money on your fuel bill, plus even more benefits! Each tablet treats 60 litres of fuel but you can easily break it into quarters to adjust the right dose. Whenever you fill up your fuel tank, add a tablet and you're good to go.

All Sorts of Vehicles

Road: Petrol & Diesel Cars, Race Cars, Vans
Marine: Jet Skis, Runabouts, Yachts, Outboards, Cabin Cruisers
Transport: Big trucks, Small Trucks, Tractors, Buses, Motorhomes

Small Engine: Ride-on Mowers, Motor Bikes, Scooters, Quads. 

Four Important Benefits

• Improves fuel economy
• Improves engine performance
• Cleans injectors
• Reduces exhaust smoke

Our Products and Services

Clean and convenient tablet format treatment for petrol & diesel fuel. Suitable for all engine types.

Fuel Right

Professional grade diesel bug and fuel system cleaning solution. Dissolve sludge and push water OUT. 

Diesel Clean

Is an onsite mobile fuel service for all types of storage from generators to heavy equipment.

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