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Fuel360 is a New Zealand made product formulated to save you money on fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Improved fuel economy: Extract more energy from every drop of fuel, potentially reducing fuel consumption by up to 15% but also increasing power.
  • Cleaner engine: Regular use helps clean and protect your engine from carbon build up, injector clogging and helps to lower carbon being released into your DPF.

  • It lowers your harmful emissions


It's easy to use, just pop a tablet into your tank.


Each tube contains 10 tablets. One tablet will treat 60 litres of diesel. One tube will treat 600 litres of diesel. Two tubes will treat 1200 litres of diesel.


Ideal for any vehicle or equipment.


Some more information of the diesel tablets:


Diesel tablets contain 8 ingredients. The ingredients are added for various reasons but mainly for extracting the most energy possible from the fuel as well as removing carbon from the engine.


Diesel is the best fuel for energy output and it is a shame that it’s not fully appreciated in the world. It’s safe to use, safe to store, safe to transport but we all know despite this, it has universal issues. Fuel manufacturing in the world contain differing standards but one common theme is the removal of sulfur during the manufacturing process. This has been essential for the ecosystem but the end result has been an invasion of bacterial contamination in diesel that can be a petri dish with no antibiotic properties.


Another concern with diesel are the particulates it produces from the exhaust. These particulates can cause respiratory issues with humans and depending on the size of the carbon, have been known to cause some forms of lung cancer. Most modern vehicles contain a DPF system that is like a filter in the exhaust. It captures the carbon and burns it off periodically or an adblue system that attempts to reduce harmful gasses from entering the atmosphere, these are all post burn treatments.


Probably what is not widely known is diesel fuel can be manufactured to reduce these harmful post combustion issues but it’s a question of cost. Currently manufactured diesel fuel is relatively cheap and commonly available but if a super-refined fuel was on the market, people wouldn’t buy it because it would be more expensive to produce which would cost the consumer much more. It’s a double edged sword.  


Many customers I deal with have injector issues, DPF blockages and dieselbug within their fuel systems.


My tablets solve a number of issues but depending on how late they are applied will determine the success. Most customers buy the diesel tablets to get the best economy they can and keep their engines clean of carbon. There is a reduced carbon content going into the dpf system that reduces the need for a regular burn and lengthens the time to clean or replace the dpf system.

Diesel tablets are my biggest seller and the results have been much better than the petrol tablets. Diesel has more energy within the fuel, it’s like an oil and packed with energy.

My tablets harness that energy quite effectively and the results have always been more appreciated.


How it works: It helps to burn as much fuel as possible once in the combustion chamber. It is always the intention of vehicle  manufacturers to maximize fuel efficiency but as we know, what was tested in a controlled environment does not always correspond to a real world scenario. Your environment may be hot or cold, elevated or at sea level, the fuel of a good standard or absolute rubbish, so many variables. The tablets add assistance to the final burn and contribute to these variables so most of the fuel is utilized.


I relation to diesel tablets, it is best to stick with the correct dilution rates as the best economy will eventuate. Treatment period to see the best results are usually 5000 – 10,000 kms. There are cases where fuel economy drops for a period of time and this can be attributed to the cleaning out process of carbon. Once carbon has been stripped out of the chambers, the treatment works solely on the fuel


Diesel tablets under some circumstances, can take a while to dissolve in the fuel but if you keep up treatment every time you fill the vehicle, the saturation levels will remain at the recommended dose. The solvent action of the fuel does dissolve the tablets and vibration and warmth will contribute to its absorption.

Two Pack Diesel (10x tablets per tube) 60L Tablets - Treats 600 litres

$58.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • Each tube contains 10 tablets. 1 x tablet will treat 60 litres of diesel. Both tubes treat 1200 litres of fuel. These tablets contain a non-biocide diesel bug preventative.

  • Free Shipping throughout New Zealand

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