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Fuel360 is a New Zealand made product formulated to save you money on fuel and maintenance costs.

  • It helps your engine achieve a more complete combustion
  • It cleans out your fuel injectors and engine (and keeps it clean with regular use)
  • It improves fuel economy
  • It lowers your CO2 emissions

It's easy to use, just pop a tablet into your tank.


Each tube contains 10 tablets. One tablet will treat 60 litres of petrol. One tube will treat 600 litres of fuel.


For more information call 0508 000 360


Grab our special deal. Two tubes for $49 instead of $79.95!


CAUTION: Do not overdose. Each tablet treats 60 litres of fuel. You can break the tablets into half or quarters. Each quarter is 15 litres of treatment. Half a tablet is 30 litres of treatment. It is our recommendation that you underdose rather than overdose your fuel.


Some more information on the petrol tablets:


The petrol tablets contain four ingredients. All ingredients are used in the fuel industry worldwide but every country has differing standards and chemicals that go into fuel for anti-knock or protection from combustion detonation. If petrol was just a basic hydrocarbon, it would burn erratically within your engine and cause reliability issues and detonation. Petrol in New Zealand is 90 – 100% naphtha, less than 1% benzene plus additives for anti-knock, carbon control and a few other stabilizes. Generally, fuel companies are going away from solid chemicals and prefer the use of liquid chemicals when adding properties to fuel.


The ingredients in my tablets are all solid chemicals and rely on full absorption within the fuel. In petrol, this takes about 30 minutes to happen but this may vary on temperature and movement (agitation). The chemicals are all hydrocarbon and will fully dissolve if correctly dosed. If a 60l tablet is dissolved in 100mls of fuel, there will be parts of the chemicals that cannot dissolve because the fuel has reached full saturation but I have dissolved a 60L tablet in 10L of fuel where it has fully dissolved.  


It’s very important that petrol tablets are applied correctly as overdosing can cause issues with spark plugs. It also can cause a reduction of fuel economy as the chemicals will quench combustion because that what it is designed to do, to avoid detonation but maximize on power extracted from the fuel.

I suggest that once you have completed 10,000 kms of driving using the normal dose rate of the tablets, 60L tablets dissolved in 60L of petrol, you halve the dose and check your economy. The purpose of this is to get the best economy you can achieve in your vehicle and minimize on the expense of purchasing fuel tablets. If the economy is good, play around with the levels, take it up a little and see what happens. Its strongly recommended that you do not overdose because this will oversaturate petrol.


Generally after 5000 – 10,000 kms, you have cleaned out your engine of carbon and the treatment can work fully on the fuel itself. During the cleaning process, it’s not unusual for economy to drop off as carbon is stripped out of the engine. This is only a temporary setback. If you can continue, you will see that the economy will improve beyond what you have experienced before and the cost of the product will outweigh the cost recovered from economy improvements you will achieve.


I get regular feedback from customers about the tablets and there are differing reasons why people purchase them. I have some customers that have tuned and modified their engines beyond the capabilities of domestic supplied fuel where they experience pre-ignition even when using 98 octane. These individuals will use the tablets to calm down the combustion so they can avoid detonation. Others use it to reduce exhaust smoke and smell for in-door applications, like a ‘go cart’ company. Most people want economy so play around with the dose to achieve the best result. It’s possible that your engine is quite happy on half the dose so worth trying to get the best results you can from adjusting the dose rates.

Two Pack Petrol (10x tablets per tube) 60 Litre Tablets with Octane Booster

$58.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • Each tube contains 10 tablets. 1 x tablet will treat 60 litres of petrol.

  • Free Shipping throughout New Zealand

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