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Auckland On Water Boat Show Special

This is a totally new way to treat for diesel bug, contamination and water as well as conditioning your fuel !


It is guaranteed safe to use and the most effective diesel bug treatment on the market.


Do you have diesel bug in your tank ?      


How would you know ?

Have you :

  • Blocked filters (with what?) sludge?
  • Engine starving for fuel?
  • Engine running rough? Missing? Slow to respond?
  • Water in filters? ( white liquid in the bottom of the filters)
  • Dark colour of the fuel?
  • More smoke in the exhaust? 


    Do you need to clean your injectors ?      


Do you need to protect your tank from corrosion ?  




FuelRight's unique amine technology optimises engine performance :


  Dissolves microbial sludge releasing the bacteria to be burnt away.

 Removes water

  Neutralises corrosion and forms protective layer on metals.

 Protects seals

Optimized fuel atomisation leads to :


  • Improved economy
  • Cleaner burning
  • Cleaner filters
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improve lubricity

2 x 100 ml FuelRight bottles treats 3,000 litres of diesel.

Phone 0800 777 551 for more information

Find out more here:

Two Pack FuelRight 15K Non-Biocide Diesel Bug Treatment - Treats 3000 litres

$98.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
  • AOWBS - 2 x FuelRight 15K Non-Biocide Diesel Bug Treatment 100ml (Treats 3000 litres)

  • Free Shipping throughout New Zealand

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