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Fuel360 have finally managed to acquire the distribution rights for this amazing new product FuelRight. New here in NZ but well established in USA and Canada. The existing customer base over there includes a literal who’s who of the marine and transport industry, from the Canadian Coast Guard to large fleet operators.

Do you have diesel bug? Would you know?

It starts by looking like small black/brown particles in your filters, then it grows to be a cm thick or more sludge layer in the bottom of your fuel tank. From the outside, of course you can’t see it. The first manifestation will be in your filters, and the second will be your engine ‘hunting’ for fuel as the bug starts to block fuel lines.

Have you been told that you need to cut into your fuel tanks and clean them out?

DON’T !! Talk to us first.

Admittedly, heavily contaminated tanks with Diesel bug sludge, do need to be sucked as clean as possible. But there’s a new, proven way to do this for a much lower cost.

Let us introduce:


FuelRight uses amine technology to break down the long chain molecular structure of the sludge (bug) into microscopic organic particles. They are loosened from the walls of the tank and fuel lines and pass straight to the filter which collect most of it, and the balance goes on to the combustion chamber without harming the injectors, and gets burnt away.

Created by top chemists who are renowned in the Canadian mining, marine and transport industry, we can assure you that this is the real deal. As you might know, we manufacture our own products but sometimes you come across a product that is so effective that you simply have to share it with others too. It is an understatement to say that we are excited about this product because we have seen the instant effects it has on diesel and fuel systems. It is simply amazing!

So, what is diesel bug again?

Bacteria in diesel is a well known problem to anyone who works with diesel engines, so what is this bug and why does it contaminate diesel? Diesel is organic and hygroscopic (absorbs water) so it provides an ideal environment for microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria to feed and grow.

This environment provides:

  • dissolved water for germination

  • carbon for food

  • oxygen and sulphur for respiration

  • trace elements for growth and propagation.

As many as twenty seven (27) varieties of bacteria are responsible for the majority of problems with diesel engines and their performance. There are many differing types of bacteria which can infect systems and form bio-films on steel surfaces. Accelerated corrosion can also occur wherever the bio-film settles, usually in pits or crevices. Unlike general corrosion, it is an attack on a very specific area.

Diesel bug can originate from the air or moisture, or during tank filling and/or expansion and contraction of storage tanks, the bacteria cover themselves in a protective film (slime) to protect against biocides and can lie dormant in the minute crevices of the metal, rubber and polyurethane coatings of the fuel tanks and fuel systems.

Then, when water is present (a droplet is a lake to a microbe) and the environment hits the right temperature range, they begin reproduction in the area of fuel to water interface.

Fuel Right is the solution

So water is key for diesel bug to thrive, which means if you remove water or disable it's function to the bacteria it will eliminate diesel bug and any further growth. Many diesel bug treatments on the market are successful in stopping diesel bug growth, with a majority being biocide based. Apart from the fact that some biocide treatments can be quite harmful for our ecosystem and your health (toxic fumes from the exhaust), that we understand, these treatments do kill diesel bug, much like RoundUp kills plants, but in this case you are still left with a sludge in the bottom of your fuel tank.

The great thing about Fuel Right is that it contains amines which dissolve the biofilm (Exo Poly-Saccharides to be precise) that hold together the bacterial colony. Removing this film allows the microscopic bacteria to be released into the fuel and either be caught in the filter or to be safely burnt off in the combustion process.

In other words, Fuel Right removes diesel bug and its sludge and all you just have to sit back and let it do its job. Look at the impressive results shown below:

Check out this no-nonsense instant diesel bug treatment in our store:


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