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Dangerous Goods Labelling

Dangerous Goods Labeling 10.10.2016

Below an excerpt from a conversation between myself and Tim Rivard, our Canadian CEO of FuelRight, regarding the symbols on our FuelRight labels and the concerns some customers have had regarding them and taking the bottles on a plane. Fuel Right is NOT DG, therefor you are legally permitted to take them in checked baggage. Should any customer need a copy of the Safety Data information, we are happy to provide.

Phil van Loghem – Director Fuel360 New Zealand.

Hi Phil,

The GHS guidelines are very strict. We cannot and will not deviate from the regulations.

This type of stuff gives a lot of people fear and at times is not justifiable. This is one case where a lack of understanding is creating too much fear although it is important to always be careful with any chemical that you may handle.

In both cases 15K and 30K – you will see that the naphthalene is what is driving the cancer scare. There is a 0.1-1% range of this contaminant in the total mixture as it is a contaminant present in the diluent that we use.

It is a small amount however, the GHS guidelines require that we report this at any range above .1% therefore the warning symbol. If you had pure naphthalene, the symbol would remain the same even though the degree of exposure and risk is much higher with a pure substance. The GHS guidelines do not delineate the difference.

It is far safer than any diesel fuel that you will handle however, consumer laws do not require the same type of labels on fuel products. Who knows the reasoning behind it???

The corrosion issue is only related to the eyes – it has been tested for skin and it tests as an irritant. However, the pH of 11 automatically places it as a corrosive so the symbol must remain.

Both 15K and 30K are not marine pollutants and do not carry any of the nasty chemistries used in most fuel additives and especially biocides. We have reviewed many other additive SDS that state none of the hazards and we know that they are falsely reporting this information.

Fuel Right is NOT regulated for transportation and is not classed as a dangerous good.

Best Regards,

Tim Rivard, MBA

Fuel Right (Canada) Limited

Phone: (519) 473-9406Mobile: (519) 709-5113

Fax: (519) 474-9874

Skype: tim.fuelright


Web: www.fuelright.caRUN CLEANER! RUN SMARTER!

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