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The fact that 190 plus countries can reach an accord like this is historic. Unfortunately, it is non binding in many respects as to what each country MUST achieve and if they don't there are no fiscal penalties.

However as a consumer you can rest assured that your pocket will be picked somehow, because that is much of what is behind all this. Like most things...

'follow the money'

Having had my gripe, you CAN make a difference.

Using Fuel360 treatment in your fuel will reduce your CO2 by around 25-30% and we can PROVE this, with Emissions testing equipment.

Seen those trucks or vans or buses going up the harbour bridge spewing black smoke? and you thinking that shouldn't be allowed! Well, NZ emissions standards are not upheld and are too easy to fool.

We can stop most of that particulate emission, plus other benefits like improve your economy. It works.

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