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Fuel360 and Diesel Clean have joined together as a ‘Total Solution’ supplier in Fuel Management.

  • We manufacture a range of equipment for fuel monitoring, filtering, flushing and polishing for all diesel fuel dependent industries.

  • Are strongly positioned to deliver best-practice Fuel Management services. This includes mobile fuel polishing and tank cleaning services and fuel tender systems for static tanks.

  • We are exclusive New Zealand and Pacific distributor for FuelRight, a truly innovative diesel bug treatment and cold fuel conditioner that is setting a new standard in optimising diesel fuel quality and performance.

  • No other product we have tested works like FuelRight to control the key factors that contribute to corrosion and the degradation of fuel quality – oxidation, water and microbacterial contamination (diesel bug).

What does diesel bug look like? This fuel comes from a fuel tank, we can perfectly see the micro-organisms (diesel bugs) layer between the fuel and the water. Treat your fuel !

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